I am knitting a cardigan for my nephew. He is 18 months old so it is bigger than any of the other cardigans I’ve knitted before. The fronts, back, collar and little button-hole bits don’t bother me at all, I enjoy knitting each piece and then putting it all together like a big soft jigsaw. All except the sleeves…

Sleeves are my mortal enemies…them and mittens. I am faithfully following the pattern and it has lied to me about the sleeves over and over. These sleeves are big too and have been undone about 3 times already! Once The pattern got all messed up, another time they looked like triangles and last time…well let’s just say it was 4am and I may have gotten mixed up and begun following the Right Front bit of the pattern by mistake. Sleeves…I will not them beat me…

..or maybe I will. Maybe I’ll make the cardigan into one of them sleeveless ones instead, like this cute little thingy.

If I have to undo these sleeves 1 more time that’s definitely what I’ll do!

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